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Today’s blog is about self-love. Self-love is important any day of the week but it’s even more important since we’ve been in quarantine and chaos has spread around the world. Some people are really good at self-love and treating themselves, but others just ignore it, and themselves. So many people don’t understand the importance of self-love. You have to live with yourself every day, so wouldn’t you want to love yourself every day? A lot of people look for happiness, confidence, respect, acceptance and understanding outside of themselves. But everything you’re searching for in others is already within you. Stop seeking other’s approval, seek your own approval and let yourself know YOU MATTER. Another key to joy and constant happiness, is being comfortable in your own skin and body and loving all your flaws.

Self-love is about letting yourself know you are worthy to take care of. We take care of our friends and family, but many people neglect themselves, some don’t think about it and others don’t feel worthy of their own self-love and acceptance. Self-love is extremely important, It’s your reward after a hard-earned day or as a reset after a long day.

There are a few different ways you can show yourself love through your mind, body and soul. To show your mind love, I recommend meditating, going for a walk to clear your mind, create a vision board of your dreams, and to monitor your thoughts. Kill ANTS, automatic negative thoughts, by realizing that those thoughts don’t align with who you are and who you want to be. Tell yourself to let them go until they leave your mind through the words “clear and transmute across all time, dimensions, reality, and space” or you can envision the thoughts leaving your mind and body by releasing them into the earth. I would also highly recommend unplugging, especially since that’s the main way we are all staying in touch during quarantine. Unplug for a day or two, no tv, phone, laptop or apple watch – be present in the moment with yourself and the family/friends you’re with.

To show your body love, pamper yourself by all means necessary; bath bombs, face masks, hair masks and teeth whitening strips are some of the go to options for my pampering routine. I mentioned this in a recent blog, “You Are Enough”, but I’ll mention it again because it is incredible; stand in the mirror naked and write a list about everything you love that you see. With the repetition of this exercise, you will begin to love your stretch marks, birth marks, scars, and the imperfections that make you, you. Yoga is an option too, you could try some yin yoga to help you relax (links below).

To show your soul love, create empowering affirmations, give yourself a pep talk in the mirror – you can print the picture I inserted below and put it on your bathroom or vanity mirror. I would also recommend praying and meditating (depending on what you believe in); it’s in those quiet moments that you get answers. And look within yourself for forgiveness. Forgive others for hurting you, even if it’s hard or you don’t want to. It will be a gift to yourself because when you forgive someone, you let go of it. Forgive yourself for any past mistakes. All you can do is learn from those mistakes, so forgive yourself and let it go.

Something I do consistently every day is I have herbal tea and dark chocolate at the end of my day. It’s small acts of kindness and love towards yourself that make all the difference. My overarching self-love tips for you are to do what makes you feel good and confident. To celebrate every small step forward you take and to treat every day as a lesson or victory. Before you can be joyful, constantly happy, you need to accept yourself and love yourself. Stop searching in others, and start searching within because once you do that not only will you know who you are, you’ll be able to love yourself unconditionally and all of the right people will start showing up in your life for the right reasons.  


Kermit the frog image

Relaxing and restoring yoga series

Intro to Yin Yoga

Relaxation Yoga

Bedtime Yoga

I hope you enjoyed this blog and found it to be inspiring to begin loving yourself. Comment below what your favorite ways are to show yourself love. How do you treat yourself after a hard days work? How do you refresh and restore your spirit after a long day? Comment below upcoming blogs you would like to see.

With Love and Kindness,

Maddie White

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