Who are Advanced Teens?

Advanced teens are

High Performers

They show up every day ready to perform at their best, in all areas of their life. They train their mind, body and character every day to mold them into the people they want to be tomorrow. They face adversity and challenges with a mindset of “this is going to take me one step closer to my goals”. 

Advanced Teens are


They are inspirations to others. They work hard to improve their physical, mental and emotional health. They achieve their goals and never give up. Along the way, they inspire others to do the same. Helping those in need.

Advanced teens are


They eat clean and drink lots of water to be at their highest performance. They exercise at least three times a week to feel powerful and they like to try new forms of fitness. They are mentally strong, able to focus and are in control of their emotions and thoughts. They take the time to fill their cup first before filling an others. 

Advanced Teens are


They are open to new ideas and methods. They are creative with their daily activities and schedules. They express their creativity in imaginative and inspiring ways through their desired passions. They aren’t afraid to be different and color outside of the lines.

Advanced teens are

Life Long Learners

They take the opportunity to learn from themselves and others, to gain perspective and wisdom. They learn through new experiences and other cultures. They know that “knowledge is power and learning is their superpower” – Jim Kwik.

Advanced teens are

Filled with Purpose

They wake up each day with a sense of purpose and motivation. They live each day to help others and to get them one step closer to their goals. 

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