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I don’t know about you, but I am a very visual person. I learn best by seeing someone else perform it. When I get stressed out by having too much on my plate, I write down everything I need to do. This allows me to see everything on my to-do list and gives me a reassuring feeling of possibility. So, if you’re a visual person, or perhaps even if you’re not, write down everything you have to do when you get stressed. That way it’s out of your mind and on paper so you know you won’t forget anything, and thus allowing your mind to relax without forgetting.

Even if you are not a visual person, the power of visuals is awesome. It’s important that you are able to visualize yourself living your ideal life. By doing so, you are subconsciously bringing it to you and claiming it as yours. As the past few days in the PNW have been filled with clouds, it has left me to study, write, and organize. So, today, or sometime this week, I encourage you to create a new or update an old vision board! You can have as much fun as you want with it.

How to create a vision board:

  • Get a board or wall space where you can pin pictures. I have used poster board before, that works well and its cheap. The vision board I have right now is framed cork board, I got in at a local craft store.
  • Identify your most important aspects in life that you want to grow and become. For example my categories are Friendship, Family, Physical Health, University, Travel, Mental Health and Spiritual Health.
  • Choose your pictures off the internet or on Pinterest and print them out! I focused on what I wanted to experience and have in each category and found multiple pictures to represent that. For example, I want to have amazing friendships with amazing people who are successful, travel, joyous, vibrant, adventurous, and hard working. So, I found pictures that I felt like represented those feelings and attributes.
  • Arrange your pictures. I actually have scrapbook paper in the background of my vision board to make it more aesthetically pleasing. It’s held in place by the pictures I pinned to it. When you pin the pictures make sure it flows well and that each picture in the same category is next to one another. This way when you look at it, you can easily see all your goals for one category of your life easily.
  • Write what each picture represents, in other word write down what you want to experience and get out of it for each picture. With your pictures, avoid repetition because of this step. If you have a picture of friends vacationing together off of Pinterest. Then your sample written out comment for that picture could be “I want to live amazing experiences with amazing, radiant, joyous, and adventurous friends.” 
  • Once you have all of your comments written out, cut them out individually and pin them on, above, or under you pinned picture.

When you are creating your vision board, make sure you get a positive feeling from each picture. That way when you see each picture on your vision board, you are also physically experience that feeling and thus bringing that idea to you. I highly recommend that you write down the comments and pin them along with your pictures. By adding the comments, it allows you to physically see the feeling and experience you want, written out in words.

I have included a sample picture of two vision boards. One of them is mine and the other is off of the internet. Note that yours doesn’t have to look like these two sample ones. Its your vision board so it has to feel like and represent you.

Also, when comes to vision boards, don’t be afraid to edit them and take away or add new things to them. When you feel a lack of connection with a picture of a comment or the entire vision board, change it and have fun with it! I edit mine on average around two to three times a year, depending on what I’m going through mentally, spiritually, and physically. Once your vision board is complete you should place it in your work space, wherever that may be.

Example 1:


As you can see in mine, I have included the word “ABUNDANCE” on top of my board. That’s because I feel a strong association with that word in the present and future. You can easily take a word you feel a strong association with like, “ENLIGHTENMENT”, “WISDOM”, “HEALING”, “BLESSED”, or “MOTIVATED”, and place it on your vision board too.

Example 2:

A Vision (Board) For The Future – Design*Sponge

I found this one to be super cool! I love the cut out magazines and the collage aspect of it all. So you can print pictures off the internet like I did, or you can cut out magazine pictures too!

The main goal of creating a vision board is to have fun with it and make it a visual representation of what you want your future to look like! I hope you enjoyed this blog, if you did please share this blog with a friend and invite them to make a vision board with you too!

With Kindness and Joy,

Maddie White

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