The Benefits of Journaling

“A life worth living, is a life worth recording.” – Jim Rhon

Hey you! Today we are going to talk about one of the most influential habits to partake in, journaling. Some of the most successful people today journal. Journaling is an outlook available for you to reflect, plan, express gratitude, and organize your thoughts. There are many different ways to journal that you can explore to find which one is most beneficial for you, so let’s get started. Disclaimer, the following blog contains affiliate links. For more information you can visit my Disclaimer Page.

Journaling has many benefits; it lowers stress and anxiety, it helps create a clear plan and vision of what you want to accomplish in a day, week, month etc. It also is proven to increase your quality of life and happiness levels. You do not need to journal 20 minutes a day to get these benefits, it can just be a quick 5 minute journal in the morning or at night. Most likely you will need to start with less time. Or maybe this is the sign you have been waiting for to scribble words unapologetically on a page for twenty minutes, to free your mind and heart from whatever you were holding on to. Either way, the amount of time does not matter, its quality over quantity, always.

I personally keep a hardcover, lined paper journal. I write everything in my journal, from dreams and notes on books I’ve read, to plans and life experiences. My mom would say I’ve been journaling since I could write, but I think my first actual journal that I kept, started in 3rd grade. I believe that memories are too precious and important to forget, that’s why on top of my daily journal, I keep a travel journal. It’s exactly what it sounds like, anytime I go on a day trip to a new town, road trip or fly somewhere on vacation I document it. Starting from when I leave my house, to when I return. I keep plane tickets, bus tickets, train tickets, pamphlets, stickers – I keep it all and tuck it into my journal for safe keeping. The initial reason why I began travel journaling was because of my Godmother. She took my mom and I on a trip to Whistler, Canada when I was seven and gave me my first travel journal with a quote and note that I would like to share with you. “We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open” Jawaharal Nehru. “Madeline, don’t leave your memories to your mind only. Take a moment to write them down so you’ll remember them always.” By doing this, I can relive and remember all 48 trips that I took from the age of 7-16. I could not be more grateful for my younger self starting to journal and continuing to do it.

Journaling is a completely unique form of self-expression. So, know there are different types of journals available at your fingertips. If you aren’t much of a writer or don’t want to commit too much time into journaling, there is a phenomenal 5-minute journal that just might be the right one for you. The 5-minute journal is exactly what it sounds like, you take 5 minutes morning and night to express gratitude and set your daily intentions/reflect on the day. This one is a personal favorite of some of my close friends and family, so I encourage you if you want to dip your toes into journaling to try this product (listed below).

Many of you may already know the idea of bullet journaling, I recommend this to you if you want lots of freedom and want to spend a solid chunk of your time designing and decorating your pages. If your penmanship is awesome and you are phenomenal at calligraphy this is your kind of journal. Or maybe you want to learn better penmanship and the aesthetically, satisfying art of calligraphy, then I encourage you try bullet journaling and see what happens. If you need ideas for page decor, headings or pages, I recommend Pinterest for inspiration!

Other types of journals you can keep are; gratitude journal, goals journal, daily plan journal, creative journal, travel journal and an everything journal. A gratitude journal is about anything you want it to be, but the main idea is to write at least 5 things in the morning and at night that you are grateful for. A goals journal is a place where you can keep all of your dreams, goals and bucketlists. I invite you, if you keep a goals journal, to outline how you will complete each of those goals too. That way you are really clear on what your goals are and how to get there. But more on that in an upcoming blog. A planning journal is where you can write your daily or weekly to-do’s list to help you stay on track. A creative journal can be a place where you write your creative ideas, or it can be more of a sketch pad with some description. I already reviewed the essence of travel journaling, where you write down your daily activities, new experiences and thoughts when you go on adventures. If you want a separate, more detailed blog about traveling journaling tell me in the comments below! An everything journal is what I personally use, where you write down everything in it. You can combine your everything journal with your travel journal, or whatever suits your style. You have complete freedom here! Do what calls out to you, that’s how you know it is right. Trust yourself and what you believe is right for you.

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