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I don’t know if it’s just me but ever since quarantine submerged us in the virtual world, my eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head. I have found myself staring at my phone and laptop more than usual. This can’t just be me. In fact, some of my friends and family are suffering from an overwhelming amount of eye strain too. One of my friends, we’ll call him Sam, shared some research he found about ways to lower and soothe any eye strain you may be having. This blog does contain affiliate links, you can click my Disclaimer Page for more information.

I think the extra time quarantine has also increased my phone usage, especially recently. If you’re like me too, try to leave your phone far, far, far, away. Leave it plugged in somewhere on the opposite of the side of the house when you can, to reduce the amount of times you mindlessly check your phone.

With long days staring at your computer whether you work online or you’re a student who is always watching online lectures and writing essays, here are some tips for you to lower eye strain.

Tip #1: Try to minimize the amount of blue light you’re eyes are absorbing. This sounds difficult, since it’s literally everywhere, but here are some easy ways to reduce blue light in your environment. I wear blue light glasses whenever I look at a screen, they help tremendously. Change the settings on your phone to reduce the amount of blue light. For iPhone’s, it’s the night shift function. Eliminate all blue light exposure 90 minutes before you go to bed so it doesn’t affect the quality of your sleep. You could even change the light bulbs in your bedroom to a low blue light option.

Tip #2: Try not to watch TV at night on your down time. For me personally that’s hard, as my mom and I love to usually watch whatever series has taken our attention, after dinner. But some days leave us with a headache and feeling like our eyes can’t handle any more strain. So instead of streaming videos/shows/games at night try to give your eyes a break. If you have eye strain, avoid blue light (any and all electronics) and reading, as both of these can cause more pain to your eyes. For some inspiration or ideas to do instead of streaming or reading, my favorite activities when I have eye strain are puzzles, coloring/drawing, journaling, and choreographing.  

Tip #3, Sam’s Tip: For eye strain, Sam shared with me a useful technique that I have personally used, and not only does it soothe your eyes, but it also calms you down overall. Here’s how it works:

  • First you will need hot water that’s just above your body temperature. Your body temperature is around 97F or 36.1C. I boiled my water to a 130F or 54.4C – the warmth lasted exactly 5 minutes before it started to get cold.
  • Soak a cloth in the warm water and ring out so it’s damp.
  • Lie down, set an alarm for your desired time (2 minutes minimum and 5 minutes max).
  • Place the cloth over your eyes
  • While the cloth is over your eyes focus on the vast darkness you see behind your eyelids. This actually refocuses your eyesight while the warm cloth soothes your eye muscles.
  • You can repeat this 2-3 times If you want.

I first tried this technique when I was having a serious headache and a lot of eyestrain, I did this technique once for 5 minutes and afterward felt significantly relieved – mentally, emotionally and physically. Another tip is to lightly hold the towel over your eyes with your fingertips or hands, that way its actually pitch black and you can’t see anything.

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Leave a comment down below about if you’ve been experiencing any aches or pains during quarantine and how you have helped relieve the pain. Share this blog with a hard-working friend who you think could use a relaxing 5-minute break. I hope you enjoyed and thank you for being here.

With Relaxation and Bliss,

Maddie White

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