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 I am providing these recommendations to share information. After trying different products, these are the ones that have stuck. Depending on the product, these are either my every day favorites or my go to learnings.


This includes my recommended books and courses that are on my must have list. I have personally read all of these books. I hope you enjoy and dive deep into new learnings!

This is my first recommended book to read before any other self-development book – it is a nice opener and starts at the core of personal-transformation –  your beliefs. “This book teaches you to think like some of the greatest non-conformist minds of our era; to question, challenge, hack and create new rules for YOUR life so you can define success on your own terms.” Vishen Lahkiani

I wrote a review of this book that you can check out on my blog. I walk through an exercised presented by Vishen Lahkiani in this book, which is how to identify and  break ‘Brules”.

High performance Habits is a great read, filled with questions to ask yourself. Brendon is the highest-paid performance coach. His book is based off information gathered from one of the largest surveys ever conducted on high performers. He dives deep on six highly effective habits, to help you succeed and gain Clarity, Energy, Necessity, Productivity, Influence and Courage. Brendon also talks a lot about the power of intention setting and how that can not only increase your levels of productivity. But also help your relationships and experiences.

I wrote a review of this book that you can check out on my blog. I explain the power and benefits I have received by setting intentions each day and hopefully inspire you to do the same. 

The School of Greatness is not only a phenomenal book, but Lewis Howes is an inspiration in every area of life. This is a quick read with lots of mental exercises and check points to evaluate yourself. In this book, Lewis Howes dives deep on goal setting, how you can achieve your goals and who you need to be everyday to achieve them as defined by your 5 principles. 

Lewis also has a podcast “The School of Greatness” that you can listen to on Spotify. My favorite episodes are 5-minute Friday’s that are filled with minute lessons and realizations. 

This is a wonderful book by Sarah Prout, filled with 200 energy releasing and healing minute meditations. I advise this book if you are looking to begin the habit of meditation. This book is also great if you want to begin manifesting your life through mini-meditations. There is a wide range of topics that Sarah guides you through, perfect for every situation and feeling. 

To learn more about meditation and my go to visualizations and methods, check out our blog!


This includes my recommended self-love, “healing” products. T I use these products throughout my day, to help me remain positive and reduce any anxiety, stress, or self-doubts that may come up within a day. These products help me feel good, whether its my skin, my hair or my environment.

Acupuncture Mat

This acupuncture mat offers an easy at home acupuncture practice. This easy to use mat reduces muscle tension, back and neck pain by simply laying on it. It also offers an increase in energy and reduces stress. Using this will require an increase in tolerance. Begin with a few minutes and slowly increase time. The maximum recommended time is 30 minutes. 

To learn more about my review on this product you can check out my blog. 

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are nonprescription glasses that block the blue light produced by electronic screens. They are phenomenal, I have multiple pairs that I wear daily whenever I’m doing homework on my laptop, scrolling through my Instagram feed, or watching TV. They protect my eyes from eye strain and head aches that looking at screens will do to you. Definitely a must have! 

To learn more about blue light glasses, check out our “Seeing the Light” blog.

Blue Light Blocking Bulbs

These are LED light bulbs that produce minimal blue wavelengths, that other light bulbs have an excessive amount of. Blue light suppresses your body’s production of melatonin, which leaves you to feel more fatigued regularly. By having blue light blocking bulbs in your room, you will significantly sleep better by not having any blue light pollution to disturb your body’s natural production of melatonin. 

To learn more about blue light blocking glasses, check out our “Seeing the Light” blog.

Dry Brush

This is a vegan dry brush with medium firm bristles, perfect for beginners. Dry brushing is used before the shower, as a skin exfoliator. As well as a technique used to stimulate healthy blood flow. The sponge included is a konjac sponge, that is meant to clear acne through activated bamboo carbon. 

To learn how to properly dry brush, check out our “Healing Touch” blog. 

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt works wonders to relax your muscles, and reduce pain and swelling. Which in turn, improves your practiced sport performance and recovery. Epsom salt promotes sleep and reduces stress too. This special Epsom salt I included here, is more expensive because it’s a bath salt to help open your chakras, or energy centers in your body. This specific kind of Epsom salt has pure vitamin c crystals, 100% pure essential oils and no additive chemicals. 

To learn more about how to show love and kindness towards yourself check out our “You Are Enough” and “You’re Worth It” blogs.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps have many benefits. They reduce asthma, stress and alleviate common cold symptoms. They also improve sleep, enhance your mood, raise energy levels and, sharpen concentration and focus. In my home, we have one in each room. Keeping this in your bedroom and/or office space is very beneficial. 


This includes my recommended planners, journals and organizational products I use. I have personally used and continue to use each of these products, they are my foundations for organization. I include how I personally use each product to help me stay organized.  

Gratitude Journal

This is my favorite quick and easy gratitude journal. All it takes is 5 minutes in the morning and at night of reflection to experience the benefits of gratitude. I keep this journal on my nightstand for easy access. 

To learn more about the benefits of journaling check out our “Benefits of Journaling” blog. To learn more about the benefits of gratitude, check out our “Live With Gratitude” Blog. 

Productivity Planner

This planner is a very special planner, it has a proven productivity format which are based on historical leading productivity principles. It has a goal orientated system, proven to enhance your productivity habits. There is a week/daily planning and a weekly reflection. Click “BUY” to preview pages featured in the planner.