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As we continue to find ourselves cooped up in quarantine, I’m sure some of you have caught yourselves procrastinating on homework or other daily tasks. I know I have! So, how can we stay motivated throughout our days? But first, motivation is defined as a key force that drives us to get our daily tasks done. If you lack the motivation behind any activity, that means you feel no urge to get it done. Which means you don’t know why you’re doing it in the first place. So, each daily activity you have, whether that’s homework, training for a sport or musical instrument, ask yourself why you started in the first place and why you continue with it.  Do this first, so you then know the why behind each of your actions.

Things that help me stay motivated:

Try setting up a schedule, with specific times. Before quarantine, you probably had a schedule, right? Before you go to bed each night, write out your schedule for the next day. This can be a planner, your journal or a scratch piece of paper. Make sure to block off specific times of day for each activity that you wish to complete in that time period. Also, don’t sit for too long, or focus on homework for too long, make sure you are allotting “brain breaks” every 40-60mins or so. During your brain breaks, get up, stretch, drink water and go outside for a few breaths. Drinking lots of water and getting full breaths of oxygen will increase your focus and productivity. Each day ensure you have enough time for exercise, making healthy meals and enjoying your time in the sun. If you are looking for a recommendation for a planner, the Productivity Planner is just the one for you. It’s efficient and has a proven format to ensure productivity and reflection.

Another thing that helps me, especially with getting my homework done, is figuring out what time of day you feel most productive. Which is essentially when you feel your brain is most receptive to the task at hand. For me, I like to work on homework as the second thing in the morning, or around noon. I say second thing in the morning because my first thing in the morning is an hour of blocked off time where I enjoy my coffee, the warm morning and making breakfast. I do all morning practices in this hour of time, without going on my phone unless I’m playing music. One of my biggest hacks to happiness is giving myself time in the morning to wake up slowly and joyfully. Next, I get one class worth of homework done before the sun is at its highest peak, so I can go outside, sunbathe and take a brain break. After my time in the sun, I do more homework for a bit and then workout for three hours. Then I help make dinner to practice learning the delicious art of cooking. This is just an example of a day laid out, so you can reference it to ensure you are spending each day productively with joy.

Organization. This helps me so much! I’m not talking about scheduling and planning, we already reviewed that. I’m talking about having a designated space whether you have a desk or not. Wherever you find yourself doing your homework, make sure that space is clean, organized and with minimal distractions. Only have the homework you are working on in that moment be visible to your eyes. This can help you stay focused on the task at hand, and not be overwhelmed or distracted. That includes your phone – put it away after you set an alarm for 40-60 mins to take a brain break.

Another thing I do on days when its harder to stay motivated is, I set up an award system for myself. Every night I award myself with something; for staying positive, focused and doing my best that day. That usually includes chocolate and tea! Call me a grandma, but it is so good! Reward yourself with a small gesture of kindness towards yourself, whether that’s a Netflix episode, a good book, a spa day, sweet treats or something that brings you complete joy to help you relax and appreciate yourself.

I hope this blog gave you some inspiration to stay motivated during quarantine. This is my recommended Productivity Planner. Remember to subscribe to our Newsletter to be notified when new features and products are available. Thank you for supporting me through this new journey to help ordinary teens become extraordinary people, leaders and inspirations. Feel free to contact me and share with me your experiences with this exercise and past blog exercises.

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