Live With No Regrets

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This is a reminder that we only get one life, however long or short matters not. What does matter is what you do in the time you are given. I know you know this, but sometimes we can get caught up in whatever is going on at the moment and forget how precious this life is. One of my favorite “live life to the fullest” quotes that I tell myself is, live with no regrets. This can be hard but I’m going to tell you what I mean, how I do it, and why it’s important. You can choose to adopt this belief into your life if it resonates with you.   

To be honest, I probably saw “Live with no regrets” on Tumblr, Pinterest or Instagram as a kid and for some reason just never let it go. We all make mistakes, it’s apart of life, but it’s not the mistakes we make that define us – It’s how we handle them and respond to them that creates us. Trust me when I say I have made my fair share of mistakes, but something that I’ve been conscious of since I was six is the ideology to live with no regrets – its always stuck with me.

To me, to live with no regrets means that through the highs and lows of my life, I will never regret an action, words, meeting a person, or how I handled a situation. That seems impossible, right? Now, of course I have said things that were mean that I wished I never said – same with actions, but I don’t regret them. I have learned to live without regrets because through each of my mistakes, through my pain that others have caused me, and through the pain I have caused others – I chose to grow. The key to living a meaningful life full of growth is to live with no regrets, by learning from our mistakes.

In order to learn from our mistakes, we just need to recognize that there is a lesson in everything. When you find yourself in the aftermath of a mistake, ask yourself what’s the lesson I can take away from this? It could be that maybe you shouldn’t hand over trust so easily, and that trust needs to be earned. No matter the mistake, always ensure you take a lesson away because if not, then what was the point of the mistake? There is always a positive outlook that can be seen through every situation, if only you have the discipline to acknowledge it. That is how you grow and live with no regrets.

When we are able to live without fear or regrets, we appreciate every moment of life and every bad experience because we know we are becoming better people by learning through our own mistakes. Always take responsibility and accountability for your own actions and mistakes, and learn to forgive, let go, and grow. This is how you live with no regrets, and without fear. This is how you become truly fearless, alive, and free.

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With Gratitude and Appreciation,

Maddie White

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