Discover the future of adolescent education

Comprehensive Education for Teens

Learn the habits that are critical in a technological advancing world. Explore personal growth methods. Discover passions, purpose and personal insight.

27-29 October

3 day exploration.

20 Seats

Limited number of seats.

3 Hours

Dedicate 40 mins each day.



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of immersion and exploration in personal growth methods for teenagers and young adults.



About the course

Traditional education systems are outdated. It’s time to update the education system and jump start your life now. 

We will explore the basics of: journaling and it’s benefits to mental health, emotional understanding and control; passions through the Sustainable Development Goals, volunteering and research; obtainable goal setting; and overall wellbeing health through self-awareness, nutrition, and fitness.

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Take 40 minutes each day to learn valuable and essential habits to sustain and progress your health, happiness, quality of life, and success. This will be an online, self-paced program you may connect with each other through the private community chat to share insight and discoveries.

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