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Today I want to share with you some not so mainstream scientific and spiritual studies about chakras. I do not want to force my ideas onto any of you, you can always choose which habits to adopt, and what ideas to believe. I share with you habits, books, and ideas that have helped me understand who I am to inspire you to learn more about who you are as a person, friend, and family member. This is an introduction into what chakras are, why they are important and much more.

The Basics:

Chakras are complex energy vortexes found in the body. They were first mentioned in the Vedas, from 1500 t0 1000 BC. They are only just now growing in popularity with New Age philosophies. There are 114 chakras that can be found in the human body, but we are going to focus on the main seven chakras located along your spine. The seven main chakras located along the spine have a specific name, color, location in the body, and health focus.

Why are chakras important?

Chakras distribute the life force, Qi or Prana, throughout your physical and spiritual body. Chakras correspond to major organs and nerve centers, and can affect our emotional and physical well-being. Chakras are meant to stay “open” and aligned due to their correspondence with the body’s emotional and physical state.  When a chakra is out of alignment it can cause emotional, mental, and physical changes.  

Each chakra has different characteristics, so to speak, because each chakra has a different meaning, there are different ways to “open” each chakra. The reason why you would want to have balanced and open chakras is that it allows you to be your best self and your truest self. It leads to a joyous life experience.

Root Chakra – Red

The Root Chakra is considered our human connection to the Earth as it’s located at the base of the spine, your tailbone – the root chakra is the foundational energy center. If your root chakra is open you are happy with your body, you are confident in money and always have enough of what you need or want; you feel a strong sense of belonging among the world, friends, and family; you feel happy, healthy, and loved. When your Root Chakra is closed, you may struggle with your physical appearance, feeling unworthy, not belonging, having debt or lack of money; feeling stressed, afraid, and unconfident. If your Root Chakra is closed and you would like to reopen it, spend some time in the sunlight, exercise daily, and try wearing the color red.

Sacral Chakra – Orange

The Sacral Chakra is associated with sexuality, creativity, and emotions and is it’s located below the belly button. When your Sacral Chakra is open, you enjoy a variety of pleasures the world offers, you create healthy sexual experiences with those who honor, love and respect you, and you are confident in what your sexuality is and recognize it’s one of your most powerful creative energies; you experience self-love, and many pleasures in life. When your Sacral Chakra is closed you may believe sex is bad and can hurt you, abused, hurt, or feel you have to be sexually appealing in order to be loved; you feel like you have a poor relationship with yourself and/or you have toxic relationships. To open your sacral chakra try tantric yoga, massages, swimming, taking long warm showers, swinging on a playset, or working on a creative project.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

The Solar Plexus Chakra can be understood as being able to “trust your gut”; It’s located above the navel. When your Solar Plexus chakra is open, you feel like you have a strong sense of your own power, you want to use that power to positively influence the world, and you acknowledge and admire others’ ability to make a difference in the world; you feel a sense of high self-worth and self-esteem. When your Solar Plexus Chakra is closed, you feel like a victim, powerless, the need to keep peace within relationships, anxiety and stomach pains. To open this chakra, try rock climbing, laughing, building a fire, and hiking.

Heart Chakra – Green

The Heart Chakra represents unconditional love and compassion as it’s located at the center of the chest. When your Heart Chakra is open you feel; comfortable among your relationships, receive and give love easily, and gratitude towards the amazing life you have. When your heart chakra is closed you may feel like you’re afraid of commitment, you need to please others in order to be loved, or you feel like you have to have your guard up to prevent someone hurting you again. To open your Heart Chakra try saying “I love you” in the mirror, writing yourself a love letter, reading your past journals, giving away your last bite, or allowing cold water to fall on your heart space under a cold shower for example.

Throat Chakra – Blue

The Throat Chakra is associated with communication, expressing, perceiving, and listening as it’s located at the hollow of the throat. If your Throat Chakra is open, you feel; comfortable speaking your truth and you feel you are heard and honored. When your Throat Chakra is closed you may feel afraid to speak up or express what you feel, you go along as to not upset anyone, or you may often get sore throats. To open your Throat Chakra try reading out loud, saying “ohm” seven times, letter writing, and rolling your neck.

Third Eye Chakra – Indigo

The Third Eye Chakra can be understood as the minds center and being your intuition – it’s located at the center of your forehead. When your Third Eye Chakra is open you feel; you have a strong sense of your own inner being and truth, and you trust your intuition with confidence. When your Third Eye Chakra is closed, you may feel; disconnected from your intuition and inner truth, lost when it comes to your path in life, headaches often. To open your Third Eye Chakra try practicing visualization, dream journaling, vision boards, and watching sunrises and sunsets.

Crown Chakra – Purple

The Crown Chakra is associated with purity, spirituality, love, and wisdom – it’s located at the upper brain, the hypothalamus. When your Crown Chakra is open you feel connected to a higher power, watched over, gratitude for the unconditional love you have for yourself and others. When your Crown Chakra is closed you feel no connection or guidance from a higher power, unworthy, and abandoned. To open your Crown Chakra, try doing inversions (headstand or handstand), meditating, and praying.

All of the chakras are intertwined to one another, if you are looking for a spiritual awakening and enlightenment in your life, I encourage you to realign each of your chakras daily. Begin with the Root Chakra working your way to the Crown Chakra. To realign each chakra, refer back to the above stated exercises that correspond to each chakra. It may take a couple days or a week of repeating an exercise to open one chakra. Once you feel your Root Chakra open, you may continue to Sacral Chakra.

I know this is a longer blog, but I hope you enjoyed it! This isn’t an easy topic to explain or understand, bit if you are looking for additional information, check out the book The Modern Chakra Guide: 7 Steps to Awakening Your Energy in Today’s World by Carol Tuttle. I first took her course and read her book three years ago and since then I constantly refer back to it to realign my chakras.

With Patience and Kindness,

Maddie White

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