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Today I want to share with you an important habit I learned from High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard. I first read High Performance Habits over a month ago, and it’s was filled with a lot of valuable and important habits. But for this blog, I would like to walk through the habit that I found most transformational – the power of setting intentions. Disclaimer, this blog includes affiliate links.

I found that by setting intentions throughout my day, that I was more productive, focused, and joyous. I began by setting the intention of my ‘perfect day’ in the morning. In a perfect world, what would a perfect day look like to you? And I envisioned that day from me getting out of bed to me going to bed. I filled the day with focus, productivity, and happiness. And that is what I ultimately received at the end of each day.

I also set an intention every time I began to work on something, whether it was writing a blog, doing homework, or going to practice. Every time I began to work, I envisioned having tunnel vision focus and being highly productive. You can even take this further and begin to set intentions every time you walk through a doorway like Brendon does. I personally don’t do that because it’s not practical for me or my life. However, I do set an intention every time I leave my house or open a car door. I envision the adventure outdoors of my home filled with positive energy and joy.

Another area of life to set intentions that Brendon describes, is before you call or hang out with a loved one. I found this most helpful and useful to fill the time and space of the call or hangout with happiness, fun, and adventure. It helps raise the vibrations of us together, which raises our bliss levels along with it.

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