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Precious Moments


Today I want to talk about awareness, specifically awareness and gratitude towards nature. I know a lot of you probably had your exotic summer vacation cancelled or postponed because of everything that is happening in the world. So, no matter where you end up this summer, whether it’s in the famous island of Santorini or the coast of Oregon. I encourage you to take multiple moments throughout your summer sun filled days of adventure to become aware of how you feel in those moments. This summer, let’s focus on being in the present, living in the moment, being outside, and our mental health…

Healing Touch


When a classmate in my American Government class, at my city’s local college, posted a discussion about how post-quarantine greeting will be – it grabbed my attention immediately. As humans we’re wired for physical touch, it’s our greatest desire as a species. This probable lack of human contact can be detrimental to our physiological and psychological well-being…

  • Greeting Post-Quarantine
  • The Power of Hugs
  • Skin Stimulation Tips

Be the Change


There is no doubt that we are living in a significant time in history. In the last 3 months, the entire world has been dealing with the magnitude of COVID-19 – quarantining and fragile economies, to name a few. Add to this, the death of George Floyd, a crime against humanity that is very heartbreaking. This blog is to provide information for ways you can make a difference against racial inequality…

Be Well... And Thrive


With social distancing and the measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus, we have all found a lot of time on our hands. With this sudden increase of time, the most important thing in any day during any circumstance is how you spend it. I encourage you to spend your time wisely. Take this time to learn something new or dive deeper into a subject or skill that you didn’t have the time to do previously. What if we look at this increase of time as a blessing to learn more about ourselves and what we want out of life?…