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Where has the time gone? How is it already July! I can’t believe how fast May and June went by. But as July begins, hopefully so does our summer weather. Which is why this month I’ve begun Wim Hof’s cold shower challenge. If you want to join me, I encourage you to download the Wim Hof app on your phone to have free access to the Wim Hof breathing technique and the cold shower routine. To learn more about the Wim Hof breathing technique click the hyperlink! This blog is not sponsored.

Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to become more resistant to stress by exposing and letting your body adapt to harsher conditions, like cold water. Cold showers are considered cold when the water temperature is below 70F or 21C.

Personally, I’ve always taken cooler showers, especially in the summer which is why I thought it was a perfect time to try this challenge. I usually turn the water to cold water at the end of my shower for a few seconds because cold showers improve circulation. This Is one of the main reasons why use cold water therapy, and specifically focus the water on my chakras and places on the body where I’ve had past injuries. Cold showers for injuries are like ice for inflammation, by bringing your body temperature down, it speeds up the circulation of fresh oxygenated blood.

There are many benefits from taking cold showers. It can increase your endorphins by acting as a subtle electroshock therapy by sending electrical impulses to the brain from the cold water, overall increasing your mood to positivity. Cold showers also stimulate leukocytes in the blood stream, which help fight infection in the body. By starting to take cold showers in the warmer summer months, your body can become used to cold water while simultaneously getting you ready to become resilient against common colds and flu season when fall and winter begin.

Cold water can be shocking to the body, so it’s important to prep yourself. Before I turn my shower to cold water, I take deep breaths and focus on the benefits I am going to gain from this and how this is making my body and mind stronger. Mind over body. When taking a cold shower, focus on your heart beat, breath, and how your body feels. Not necessarily how cold it feels, but feel the blood circulate your body. Also remember try not to clench your body, which I know can be very hard, but try to surrender your body to the cold water and relax.

Before taking a cold shower, I encourage you to download the Wim Hof app which offers a free routine by the “Iceman”, Wim Hof. It’s a 20-day free cold shower challenge and depending on your level, you can get up to withstand 3 minutes by week four.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! Don’t forget to check out our blog, “ The Breath of Sleep”, and Wim Hof’s website, The Wim Hof Method, for more information.

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