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Intro to Chakras


Today I want to share with you some not so mainstream scientific and spiritual studies about chakras. This is an introduction into what chakras are, why they are important and much more. Chakras are complex energy vortexes found in the body. They were first mentioned in the Vedas, from 1500 t0 1000 BC. They are only just now growing in popularity with New Age philosophies. There are 114 chakras that can be found in the human body, but we are going to focus on the main seven chakras located along your spine…

Brain over Body


Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to become more resistant to stress by exposing and letting your body adapt to harsher conditions, like cold water. Cold showers are considered cold when the water temperature is below 70F or 21C.There are many benefits from taking cold showers. It can increase your endorphins by acting as a subtle electroshock therapy by sending electrical impulses to the brain from the cold water, overall increasing your mood to positivity. Cold showers also stimulate leukocytes in the blood stream, which help fight infection in the body…

Visual Manifestation


Even if you are not a visual person, the power of visuals is awesome. It’s important that you are able to visualize yourself living your ideal life. By doing so, you are subconsciously bringing it to you and claiming it as yours.When you are creating your vision board, make sure you get a positive feeling from each picture. That way, when you see each picture on your vision board, you are also physically experience that feeling and thus bringing that idea to you…

High Performers


I found that by setting intentions throughout my day, that I was more productive, focused, and joyous. I began by setting the intention of my ‘perfect day’ in the morning. In a perfect world, what would a perfect day look like to you? And I envisioned that day from me getting out of bed to me going to bed. I filled the day with focus, productivity, and happiness. And that is what I ultimately received at the end of each day. I also set an intention every time I began to work on something, whether it was writing a blog, doing homework, or going to practice. Every time I began to work, I envisioned having tunnel vision focus and being highly productive…

Drink to Health


Today I want to share with you a health habit that my family and I have found great value in. Every morning, for the past 6 months, we’ve been drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach. This may sound crazy, but we aren’t the only ones doing it. Today millions of people around the world participate and experience the healing benefits of celery juice…

Precious Moments


Today I want to talk about awareness, specifically awareness and gratitude towards nature. I know a lot of you probably had your exotic summer vacation cancelled or postponed because of everything that is happening in the world. So, no matter where you end up this summer, whether it’s in the famous island of Santorini or the coast of Oregon. I encourage you to take multiple moments throughout your summer sun filled days of adventure to become aware of how you feel in those moments. This summer, let’s focus on being in the present, living in the moment, being outside, and our mental health…

Healing Touch


When a classmate in my American Government class, at my city’s local college, posted a discussion about how post-quarantine greeting will be – it grabbed my attention immediately. As humans we’re wired for physical touch, it’s our greatest desire as a species. This probable lack of human contact can be detrimental to our physiological and psychological well-being…

  • Greeting Post-Quarantine
  • The Power of Hugs
  • Skin Stimulation Tips

Seeing the Light


I don’t know if it’s just me but ever since quarantine submerged us in the virtual world, my eyes feel like they are going to pop out of my head. I have found myself staring at my phone and laptop more than usual. This can’t just be me. One of my friends, we’ll call him Sam, shared some research he found about ways to lower and soothe any eye strain you may be having…

You're Worth It


Self-love is important any day of the week but it’s even more important since we’ve been in quarantine and chaos has spread around the world. Self-love is about letting yourself know you are worthy to take care of. We take care of our friends and family, but many people neglect themselves, some don’t think about it and others don’t feel worthy of their own self-love and acceptance. You have to live with yourself every day, so wouldn’t you want to love yourself every day?…

Be the Change


There is no doubt that we are living in a significant time in history. In the last 3 months, the entire world has been dealing with the magnitude of COVID-19 – quarantining and fragile economies, to name a few. Add to this, the death of George Floyd, a crime against humanity that is very heartbreaking. This blog is to provide information for ways you can make a difference against racial inequality…

Live With No Regrets


To me, to live with no regrets means that through the highs and lows of my life, I will never regret an action, words, meeting a person, or how I handled a situation. In order to learn from our mistakes, we need to recognize that there is a lesson in everything. No matter the mistake, always ensure you take a lesson away because if not, then what was the point of the mistake? There is always a positive outlook that can be seen through every situation, if only you have the discipline to acknowledge it. That is how you grow and live with no regrets…

Resourceful Gardening


Something I love, and am very fortunate to have access to is fresh produce – I love fresh fruits and veggies. I did not know that plants don’t actually need soil to grow, they can actually grow in little bowls of water on your windowsill. This is called hydroponics, a form of soil less gardening. When plants grow in the soil, they have to spend a great deal of energy developing roots to seek out the water and nutrients they need from the soil. Hydroponic gardening gives the nutrients needed directly to the roots.

You Are Enough


I hope this blog finds you in good health and happiness. Let’s talk about your levels of happiness, confidence, and joy. First of all, this all depends and begins with you, how you treat and talk to yourself. The way you talk to yourself, the things you say out loud, and in your mind have a huge impact on you. The most powerful words are “I am” and whatever you put after that because what you say after defines you…

Trust Fall


I want you to know the only way you will learn who you truly are, is to focus on within and ask yourself questions. I want you to begin learning about who you are, who your soul is, and how to trust yourself and your gut/intuition. I am going to tell you a few of my personal life experiences and share with you a practice. I only ask that you read the following with an open mind, for what I am about to share with you is not conventional Western Medicine – if you will…

  • Sway Test

Circus Life


Throughout quarantine I have found myself stuck at my desk, doing work, wanting to do something fun during my brain breaks. So, like any other average teen I turned to look at the circus. My favorite, fun brain break has been learning how to juggle during quarantine. Trust me, I know how it sounds. We won’t even mention that I want to learn how to unicycle and love trapezing either. But as unusual and strange as all this sounds – like I want to run off and join the circus – it’s incredibly awarding and beneficial as it is fun. Not to mention, it’s a great party trick that will leave your friends in awe. One of my favorite benefits of juggling, is that people who juggle quite literally, have bigger brains…

The Breath of Sleep


Today I wanted to talk about two vital things, breathing and sleeping. In today’s blog I am going to let you in on a few of my secrets that help me feel revived and excited about each new day. Let’s first talk about deep breathing. By taking deep, full, conscious breaths throughout your day you can increase your focus, productivity and mood drastically – it’s actually crazy how effective this is. So, try every hour-or-two to take a few deep breaths, not only is it stress-releasing but it will clear your mind of any fogginess helping you to focus on the task ahead. On top of the 2-3 deep breaths I take hourly, I do Wim Hof’s breathing technique at night before I go to bed…

Motivation Inspiration


How can we stay motivated throughout our days? Motivation is defined as a key force that drives us to get our daily tasks done. If you lack the motivation behind any activity, that means you feel no urge to get it done. Which means you don’t know why you’re doing it in the first place. So, each daily activity you have, whether that’s homework, training for a sport or musical instrument, ask yourself why you started in the first place and why you continue with it.  Do this first, so you then know the why behind each of your actions…

Live with Gratitude


“It is not happiness that brings us gratitude. It is gratitude that brings us happiness”.

Gratitude is the human way of acknowledging good things in life. It has a healing effect on us, it can enlighten the mind and make us feel happier, therefore, its benefits are endless. Expressions of gratitude help build long lasting relationships, and help you bounce back from challenges with motivation and strength. Gratitude is the ultimate prescription for living a happy and fulfilled life.

A Reflection of a Yogi's Journey


This week I thought I would take you on a journey of reflection. A few days ago, I finished my first 30-day yoga challenge, with “Yoga with Adriene”. I began this journey because I wanted to deepen my experience of being a yogi. I want to master the practice of yoga and teach it to others as a practice of self-discovery and healing. I decided to use this gift of extra free time that quarantining has brought me, to prepare me for my future goals in life…

Be Extraordinary!


I am obsessed with self-development and have taken a multitude of online self-development courses and read multiple self-help/self-disruption books.One book I’d like to recommend is, Code of the Extraordinary Mind, by Vishen Lakhiani. This is a self-help book that he calls a “self-disruption” book, because it quite literally will shake and disrupt the world you are currently living in…

The Benefits of Journaling


Journaling has many benefits; it lowers stress and anxiety, it helps create a clear plan and vision of what you want to accomplish in a day, week, month etc. It also is proven to increase your quality of life and happiness levels. You do not need to journal 20 minutes a day to get these benefits, it can just be a quick 5 minute journal in the morning or at night. Most likely you will need to start with less time. Or maybe this is the sign you have been waiting for to scribble words unapologetically on a page for twenty minutes, to free your mind and heart from whatever you were holding on to. Either way, the amount of time does not matter, its quality over quantity, always…



Today I would like to shine a light on meditation, as I am a big practitioner and believer of it. Especially during the times that we are now facing, it is important to remain physically, emotionally and mentally healthy. Meditation can help you in all these categories of life depending on what kinds of meditation you are interested in. I personally use meditation to relieve baggage, manifest my future, mantras, ground myself to the earth and connect to a higher power, access states of alpha brain waves (for creative projects and ideas) and to become one with my mind, body and spirit…

Be Well... And Thrive


With social distancing and the measures that have been taken to prevent the spread of the virus, we have all found a lot of time on our hands. With this sudden increase of time, the most important thing in any day during any circumstance is how you spend it. I encourage you to spend your time wisely. Take this time to learn something new or dive deeper into a subject or skill that you didn’t have the time to do previously. What if we look at this increase of time as a blessing to learn more about ourselves and what we want out of life?…