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“True brilliance is not a function of understanding one’s view of the world and finding order, logic and spirituality in it. True brilliance is understanding that your view of order, logic, and spirituality is what created your world and therefore being forever capable of changing everything.” – Mike Dooley

Hey everyone! As we progress to become Advanced Teens, one of the main characteristics/ habits that Advanced Teens have is being a life-long learner. (Check out other characteristics of who advanced teens are here.)  Knowledge is power, so it is important to invest time and energy in learning, especially in topics that peek your interests. Disclaimer, this blog includes affiliate links, for more information go to my Disclaimer message. Also, this book is not being officially sponsored, I just really enjoyed this book and I think it could be very beneficial to share.

I am obsessed with self-development and have taken a multitude of online self-development courses and read multiple self-help/self-disruption books. All of the books and courses I have taken have been phenomenal. One book I’d like to recommend is, Code of the Extraordinary Mind, by Vishen Lakhiani. This is a self-help book that he calls a “self-disruption” book, because it quite literally will shake and disrupt the world you are currently living in. Vishen is a New York Times bestselling author and the Founder and CEO of Mindvalley, which is the largest online personal growth platform in the world. He is a big inspiration for me as a thoughtful and conscious person and leader. One of my dreams is to join him on the Mindvalley stage, speaking and inspiring a multitude of people.

I first read Code of the Extraordinary Mind at the beginning of April, 2020. Since then, I have read 3 other self-help/life-lesson books. All of the books are phenomenal, but this is the first one I would recommend reading because it is starting at the root of the perception you see and believe in everything; your beliefs. Code of the Extraordinary Mind is about 10 unconventional laws to reshape your life and succeed in life on your own terms. The main message is how to bend your reality to succeed in life. The book first talks about how to identify and break Bullshit Rules, “Brules”, that you may be living your life by. A lot of people acquire Brules from their parents, mentors, teachers, friends and siblings.

The way to identify a Brule is simple. First, write down all of the rules you believe about yourself, others and the world. What are your beliefs about money? Is money hard to earn? Do you believe you attract negative people to you? Do you believe that in order to be successful you have to work really hard with blood, sweat and tears? Do you believe you are worthy of love, happiness and success? Do you believe in order to be strong you have to hide your emotions? When creating this list, bullet point your rules and leave enough space below each rule for a paragraph.

After identifying all the rules you live by, ask yourself are these Rules uplifting and propelling you forward or are they Brules that you acquired from someone else? And if so, how and from whom did you acquire these beliefs from? The next step is to then change the Brules into more positive and proactive beliefs that are aligned with who you truly are. When we are little we are like wet clay, we are molded by our peers and mentors. We unconsciously adopt beliefs from others that we may not even like about how to see the world and ourselves. So many people live their lives through another’s spectacles. That is why I highly advise you to do this, take your life into your own hands and begin reshaping your life, the way you want to see it.

Here are some of my brules that I was living my life by:

  1. Acquiring money is hard work and there is never enough to live the lives my family and I want to live.
  2. In order to be a remotely good dancer I have to endure many injuries and loads of pain, and rise from the ashes.
  3. In order to be successful in life I have to endure lots of pain, suffering and failures.
  4. I am not worthy of love, acknowledgement, or empathy.
  5. Falling in love has to be tragic and complicated
  6. In order to be a professional dancer and choreographer I have to be perfect.

I wrote this list on March 24, 2020, and these are crazy to look back on because I live by very different rules now. At the time I wrote these Brules in my journal, I had little to no idea that I was living my life according to these Brules that I acquired from my peers. These Brules were holding me back so much, and I’m only seventeen. Imagine how many people live their lives being held back from their Brules/Rules they didn’t even consciously choose to believe in.

After I identified my Brules, I asked myself how and whom I acquired them from. I acquired the majority of these Brules from past friendships, mentors and parents and probably the biggest, my teachers and the media. I was letting other adults, who have lived their entire lives by their own Brules, force theirs Brules on to me without me consciously knowing it. After identifying the how and whom, I wrote the following: “I delete this Brule, that is not serving my highest and greatest good, from my life to adopt a new Rule that is updating my mind, body, life and consciousness now.” I then changed my perspective by writing these new rules:

  1. An abundance of money flows through my life and the lives of my family members. It’s easy for me to come by money and we always have more than enough.
  2. Becoming and being a great dancer comes naturally to me, as natural and effortless as drinking water.
  3. Success in every aspect comes naturally and effortlessly to me and my family, simply because we are successful people. (For this one I would first define what your definition of being successful means and includes, to get a clearer vision)
  4. I am worthy of all, love, healing, support, acknowledgment, great friends and great life experiences because it is my birth right.
  5. Falling in love with myself and others is effortless, easy, right and a conscious act that I choose daily.
  6. To be a professional dancer and choreographer means having consistent and strong work ethic. As well as, being able to express your ideas, thoughts and emotions through movement of the body in a meaningful and impactful way.

One other key lesson I learned from this book was how to become Unfuckwithable. If you guys personally know me, you may ask if this blog is just an outlet for me to swear, however, it is not, so please pardon my French. Being Unfuckwithable means that you are truly at peace and in touch with yourself. No negativity can touch you and no praise can go to your head. It is in the depths of becoming peaceful and humble, which are some of my core values of being a human. So, strive to be Unfuckwithable.

This book holds so much knowledge and many more life lessons to be learned. It includes lessons that if you learned now, there is truly no limit to the success and dream life you can create for yourself. It’s on my must-read list for all people, but especially teenagers. I hope you choose to do so, however you are in no commitment to buy this book. At the very least, I hope you try the exercise and lesson I went through with you above; to take the reins of your life in your own hands and succeed through your own creation, and strive to be Unfuckwithable.

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