About Advanced Teens

(A picture of Advanced Teens home base Seattle, WA. Picture taken by Madeline White.)

Our mission is to support teens that are seeking an extraordinary upgrade by providing clarity and guidance to navigate through life’s challenges. We achieve this by providing easy accessible tips, habits, and information in our bi-weekly blogs and newsletters. 

Advanced Teens is a community built to guide teens to become truly extraordinary people. A place where we will share some of the best information to advance your life, body and mind.

We are based out of Seattle, Washington with a worldwide vision and mission. Subscribe to our mailing list so you can be the first to know about new blogs, updates features, programs, videos and products! 

About our Founder

Madeline White

Founder & CEO

Madeline White is the Founder and CEO of Advanced Teens, a business developed to give teenagers the tools they need to start living their dream life now. Madeline is a seventeen-year-old with massive ambition and motivation to live her best life and help others to do the same along the way. She wants to help teens break away from the outdated lives expected of teenagers and to redefine what being a teenager means. Madeline has gone through many life altering events and transformations that led her to where she is now. Advanced Teens was created as a result to help guide other teens to become revolutionary leaders, thinkers and citizens of the world, today.