A Reflection of a Yogi’s Journey

“Find What Feels Good” – Adriene Mishler

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This week I thought I would take you on a journey of reflection. A few days ago, I finished my first 30-day yoga challenge, with “Yoga with Adriene”. I began this journey because I wanted to deepen my experience of being a yogi. A “yogi” is a yoga practitioner, a “yogini” is yoga teacher, and a “guru” is a yoga master. One of my goals in life is to become a yogini and a guru through daily yoga practices and multiple yoga retreats. I want to master the practice of yoga and teach it to others as a practice of self-discovery and healing. I decided to use this gift of extra free time that quarantining has brought me, to prepare me for my future goals in life. I don’t plan on teaching yoga as a profitable career, instead I plan on being a guru and yogini as an act of self-love and self-appreciation towards myself and others. Disclaimer, this blog is not sponsored by “Yoga with Adriene”. I believe that “Yoga with Adriene” could be a beneficial source for you to try, to improve your quality of life and deepen your levels of self-understanding.

My yogi journey thus far has consisted of occasional Hot Vinyasa Yoga with my mom and Yin Yoga that my PT instructor strongly advised me to do. However, I began practicing yoga consistently last summer as relaxing form of stretching when I did a 6-week dance intensive, that was brutal on my body. Yoga helped heal my body and mind of many past injuries and traumas. Which is one of the most powerful benefits of yoga in my eyes. However, yoga has many more benefits. It improves your flexibility, strength, and helps correct bad posture. Yoga also improves levels of happiness, quality of life and sleep. Yoga is also found to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and inflammation. As well as, increase levels of gratitude and forgiveness, in all sense of those words.

Every 30 days or so, I like to challenge myself to a new life skill that I want to either assimilate into my daily routines or dip my toes into test it out. So as any other normal teenager, I committed to doing yoga every day, for 30 days. I chose to do my 30-day yoga journey with “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube. I have never personally talked to or met Adriene, but the way she teaches yoga, even through a virtual setting is incredible. I looked forward to yoga every day, just to see what the new day’s lesson was going to hold. If you not only want to remain healthy during quarantine, but also want to improve your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health all in one, my number one practice recommendation would be yoga.

Committing yourself to anything can be a challenge for some people. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is show up on the mat. The things that helped me commit to doing yoga everyday was I found a specific time in the day where I believed I got the most benefits out of it. For me that was first thing in the morning. It was a nice, easy way to wake up and really helped jumpstart my day for productivity, focus and balance. The other thing that helped me was having a calendar for the 30 days. Adriene has a free yoga calendar that you can download and print for free at her website, here. I did not initially know this when I began my 30 days, so I just made my own calendar and went to the next days practice with no expectations, as I didn’t know what the next day’s yoga practice would hold. If you would like some fun in wonder and curiosity, I might advise not looking at the calendar and just showing up on the mat each day to find something new or different from the day before.

My reflection on this 30-day yoga journey with Adriene I found to be incredibly beneficial. My results are significant; my flexibility has improved leaps and bounds, along with my strength and balance. Overall, starting off my day with movement and finding my core through yoga, helped me remain grounded and clear minded throughout my day. Yoga with Adriene is the yoga practice of Vinyasa, which is also commonly referred to as power yoga and flow yoga. It is a characterization of a string of postures that you move consciously and seamlessly through, from one pose to the next through breath. With each new day, comes a new practice, skill or self-learning opportunity, no two classes are the same. “30 days of Yoga with Adriene” is a wonderful way to begin your yoga journey or to test the waters if you want to become a yogi. Adriene guides you through every practice, she helps build your body strength, flexibility and balance vocabulary. As well as, she helps you find what feels good each day.

I like to think of Vinyasa as a nice every day, simple yet challenging practice of yoga. If Vinyasa isn’t your style and you need to try something more calming and meditative, try Yin Yoga. If you’re looking for something in between, try Hatha Yoga which uses more static postures and breathing techniques. I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you try this yoga journey let me know! I would love to hear your stories and I’m sure Adriene would too! You can reach out to her through her YouTube channel or her website. As always, feel free to contact me through email at, advancedteens@outlook.com. Namaste.

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