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Learn the techniques, mindset, and practices that are taught by today’s greatest thought leaders that can advance your life to new heights regardless of your age. 

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Our mission is to support teens in today’s technological advancing society through personal development, habit formation, and professional mentors to make up for the outdated education system’s lack of a comprehensive education. 

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Online Educational Events

Hosted every couple of weeks. Our educational events are free and informative for teens and young adults seeking personal development education.

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Our Blog features content from our founder and volunteers who love writing. Our content varies from educational pieces, reviews, and personal stories.

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To continue to engage more people in personal development, we launch social media campaigns to engage users. Become a social media ambassador below.


Better Growth Mindset, Increasing Happiness, Making a Bigger Impact, Thinking Bolder, Upgrading Beliefs.
Educational & transformational platform
Advanced Teens completed a 10-week start-up program at the Social Hub at Rollins College. Through this program, Advanced Teens was invited to compete in their final competition, Ideas For Good in Orlando College.
Ideas For Good Finalist
ROllins College, Orlando, fl

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If you are a medical, financial, or physical trained professional and want to help our cause, volunteer to become a mentor today.