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We build an education track that is customized to your needs.

We work with all high school and college students.

about our team

Our team ranges from a variety of counselors, professors, artists, technicians, social entrepreneurs, and business professionals to ensure your track is customized to your needs. Get in contact with a specialist today!

Services we offer

Build your Education Track

Contact us about your educational goals and we will customize an education track based on your desires. From technician, liberal arts, private, and public schooling – we got you!

Class Registration Planning

Contact us about future class registrations and we will plan out your schedule, internships, extracurriculars, and more to ensure successful time management. We plan for your life after school so you are prepared for life after graduation!

Fast Track & Credit Transfer

Need help seeing if your credits will transfer? Or do you want to build a fast track through your school? We can help you! We work with all high schools and colleges. We evaluate all options for your education goals through running start, IB programs, and college major tracks to ensure your success!